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Facial Fat Transfer in Baltimore, MD

Facial fat transfers are unique because they don't involve any products or ingredients that are foreign to the body. At Art of Balance Wellness Spa, we offer this advanced procedure to residents of Columbia, Ellicott City and Baltimore, MD.
We are located in the Spa at the Ritz Carlton in Baltimore, MD

What is a Facial Fat Transfer?

A facial fat transfer is a treatment that resembles dermal filler treatments, except it uses a patient's unwanted body fat instead of a manufactured formula. This technique can simultaneously sculpt one part of the body while restoring volume to the face and reducing wrinkles. Although a facial fat transfer is more invasive than a standard injectable treatment, it certainly has its benefits. The facial fat transfer produces longer lasting results than dermal filler treatments. This is because the transferred body fat breaks down more slowly than dermal filler formulas. Plus, the results are typically more natural-looking, since they're produced from natural fat in the skin. Just like other dermal filler and injectable treatments, a facial fat transfer can be used to fight age-related volume loss and wrinkles in the face.

Facial Fat Transfer in Baltimore, MD

If you are considering a facial fat transfer at Art of Balance Wellness Spa, contact us today to schedule your consultation. We are proud to serve the residents of Columbia, Baltimore, Ellicott City and the neighboring cities of Maryland.

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