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There are many reasons to consider acupuncture, including pain relief, stress relief, health benefits and many more. But far less people are talking about what you do NOT want to do after an acupuncture treatment. Believe it or not, the things you do after an acupuncture treatment can have a direct effect on your results and how much you benefit from your acupuncture session. Below, we’ll take a look at the things you better avoid!

Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol

After an acupuncture session, your body works actively to flush out toxins. In order to do this properly, your body needs to have an appropriate level of hydration. This means that consuming some water post-acupuncture can be hugely beneficial. Adversely, you need to avoid caffeine and coffee. These substances can dehydrate you, making it harder for your body to remove the toxins!

Avoid Strenuous Exercise

You may feel a boost of energy after your acupuncture treatment – this is one of its many benefits. However, be careful not to partake in strenuous activities after your treatment. If you perform intense exercises or heavy lifting, you may undo some of the benefits of treatment. If you’re an active person, you can still participate in some light exercise. Just try going for a walk or light run instead of lifting weights and going all-out.

Rest & Heal

Acupuncture delivers immediate physical and mental relief. In order to get the full benefits of this relief, you need to take active measures to extend it. If you leave your acupuncture to go into a high-stress environment, you may lose all of the benefits of your treatment. Instead, take a day to yourself. Avoid television and social events, and opt for more relaxing activities like taking a walk or enjoying the outdoors.

How Can I Get Started with Acupuncture?

If you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of acupuncture treatments, contact us today at Art of Balance Wellness Spa to schedule your appointment. Our acupuncture therapists are specialized in a variety of acupuncture techniques, and they are ready to help you achieve bliss and relaxation with acupuncture therapy.

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